Why Do You Need More Volume Than You Need?

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When you’re starting your business or starting to create content Volume is often the answer to the majority of your problems. Not getting enough Leads? Send more cold emails a day. Not getting enough traction? Write more articles a day.

The truth is we all want to go viral and we know that we only need one viral piece that can change the game for us but 90% of us don’t even know which piece is going to change the game for us.

Sometimes we spend hours researching something and then post it and to our surprise, we get zero traction but at the same time, an article written in just 15 minutes gets a huge amount of traction and gets us leads.

So, The truth is we don’t even know what’s going to go viral. And that’s why we need to buy lottery tickets.

Photo by Waldemar Brandt on Unsplash

Getting viral is like getting lottery tickets. Think someone is posting only once every year. He is getting only 1 ticket a year. Whereas when someone posts something new every 365 days. They get 365 lottery tickets. And maybe if they do it for 1–2 years. They will hit a big lottery and will win millions.

Whereas the guy who’s getting only 1 lottery ticket might not even get lucky even after trying for 100s of years. So, It is safe to assume that the more volume you produce. The more you’re likely to produce that one article that will go viral.

It’s true for anything. If you want to go viral on YouTube. Focus on Volume, more and more volume will solve 90% of your problems. The best part is the more you create the more you become better at it.

The more YouTube videos you create the more you become better at storytelling and editing videos. And then you start spending less time doing that.

That is a direct correlation between Volume-Skills-Time. The more volume you produce, the more you improve your skills and the less time you take to produce the art.

So, If you’re confused about whether you should be focused on Quantity or Quality. Then 90% of the time, the answer is Quantity.



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