The Secret To Staying Consistent With Any Habit

Shubham Jena
2 min readNov 23, 2022

The biggest challenge people face while making any good habit is the challenge of consistency. They exercise for a few days and then miss a few days. Then start exercising again and miss a few days again.

Doing a habit for a few days and missing that habit for a few days is a big challenge that everyone faces.

And here’s how I changed that and you can too. I’m gonna be honest here but 1years ago I had the bad habit of binge eating. I would promise myself never again but in a few day I would again start binging on Pizzas and Burgers.

But after reading Atomic Habits by James Clear. I found the solution to this problem. The solution was to change my identity. I used to view myself as a Binge Eater and so I became one.

After I changed my identity to that of an Athelete. Doing all the right habits became easy for me. I started going to the gym consistently. I started eating healthy without even noticing that I stopped eating junk food.

And it was the effect of simply changing how I view myself. That’s why I truly believe A man can never rise beyond the way he views himself.

So, the way you view yourself decide what habits you will engage in. Change the way you see yourself and you will change the habit.

Chnage your identity and change yourself.



Shubham Jena

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