Self-Improvement Books That Will Set a Foundation For Your Life

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Not so long ago. I came up with an idea. I don’t know if it’s brilliant or not. I’ll leave that decision to you.

Just like while studying any subject, there are a few concepts that form the foundation of it. For example, Learning Addition, Subtraction, Division, Multiplication are the basics that will help you understand all concepts of Mathematics.

Just like that, there are books, certain skills of your life which will form the foundation of your life.

It means before reading any other books you need to prioritize reading these books first.

So, Here is the list of books that will set a foundation for your life:

Atomic Habits

The foundation to life is Habits. And if you ever had any problems with building good habits or quitting bad habits. This book is the definitive guide to do that.

James Clear himself struggled a lot to make good habits stick and with his own learning he wrote this book to serve anyone who wants to learn about habits.

Now, This book should be the very first book one must read in order to positively change their life. And that's a fact.

The Compound Effect

To win in life you need to have this mindset drilled into your head. The idea is very simple.

If you keep doing something consistently for a large period of time. Compounding a magical element will kick in and skyrocket your growth.

And this book is basically based on this incredible idea and it also has countless more lessons that are just proved to improve your life.

How To Win Friends and Influence People

The first and foremost skill one should learn is the skill of talking with people. Because without that skill nothing is possible in your life.

Once, You get better at social skills your life changes for the better. You get more opportunities, you become happier, your fear of social events completely goes away.

And this book is the starting point to learn social skills.

The 4 Hour Work Week

The 4 Hour Work Week is another book that will set a foundation for your life. It will instill in you the mindset you require to join the new rich.

Who’s the new rich? People who leverage content to get rich. People who have the advantage of working anywhere they want.

And this book gives you the dream and the right mindset to maybe achieve that dream in the next 5 or 10 years.

The Almanack of Naval Ravikant

This is a god-tier book. This book is the solution for 2 things that we want in abundance: Money and Happiness.

And if you don’t know who Naval Ravikant is can I ask you on which planet were you living until now?

Naval is an Investor and co-founder of Angellist. He got his popularity after his appearance on the Joe Rogan Podcast.

He wrote a thread on Twitter: “How To Get Rich Without Getting Lucky”. Which is like a must-read for everyone who aspires to become rich.

Which means every one of us. And this book expands on that thread and a lot more.

Deep Work

Deep Work is the skill that we all need but no one has. It is the skill that is required to:

  1. Have focus while working (Which many people lack)
  2. Produce elite level work (It’s obvious if you are focused, the quality of your work will improve)
  3. Enter the flow state (If you focus for a long time, you’ll lose track of time)

But mark my word. This book could have been a very small blog post. It was just elongated to make a book out of it. That’s why I recommend you to start reading its second half only.

Because, If you start from the beginning. You’d probably sleep while reading it.

No More Mr. Nice Guy

Every man has a need. A need to seek validation, a need to feel loved. And to meet this need many men take the path of niceness. They think that by becoming nice and agreeable they will win everyone’s heart.

They start hiding their true nature and portray a picture-perfect image of them that they think everyone is gonna like. And this book is for such men.

This book is like a tight slap for you to wake up to reality and discover the fact that the world would be much happier to love you back if you just accept your true self.

This book is the perfect guide to letting go of toxic shame, becoming your best version, and becoming the more mature and masculine guy you could be.

This book is a must-read for every man.


Men struggle with dating in their early teenage years and 20s. Do you know why? Lack of experience. And who can be a better teacher to teach them about dating than a man who learned everything all by himself?

The author of one of the most famous self-help books ever written “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck”. Mark Manson.

Mark Manson found the girl he had been dating for a long time cheating on him. And this leads him to go and learn the secrets of dating a lot of women.

And the plus point is you don’t need to be good-looking, or rich to apply what’s taught in this book. You can also apply it anywhere irrespective of location.

You need to understand a few concepts and that will take your dating life to a whole new level.

The Millionaire Fastlane

The god of getting rich fast books. Now, You might be thinking, there's no get rich quick. Right? Wrong. Getting rich quick is possible. But getting rich easy isn’t.

Many people confuse getting rich quickly with getting rich easy and in this book. MJ Demarco explains the ways you can get rich quickly by taking the fast lane to wealth.

This book has tons of lessons for the new entrepreneur and 5 commandments that every business must follow to become profitable.


Influencing the people around us is also a critical skill to learn if you ever want to live a good life. Now, Many people confuse Influencing with Manipulating.

And to tell the truth, these two are closely related. But remember that Influencing is used in terms of bringing positive changes and Manipulation occurs when you hurt someone by fooling them.

And this book is gonna provide you with the time-tested techniques to influence literally anyone.

Can’t Hurt Me

Discipline. The skill that everyone needs but not everyone has. And this book is the definitive guide to building discipline.

And who can you the art of discipline better than the toughest man alive on this planet?

David Goggins's story and his mindset will definitely spark a positive change in you. Because Literally 1000s of people have applied those principles and mindsets into their life and changed everything about themselves.



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