Read This Before You Buy The New iPhone

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Recently a friend of mine got a new job at a reputed MNC and I was so happy for him but I was disappointed in him because he bought the new iPhone with his first month salary and that too at EMI.

And when I asked him about this. I learnt that he was not financially dumb. He knew he was losing money and was going to put himself in a financial cage but he still bought it because of his EGO.

We as humans have always been status craving monsters. We want to be the best, look the best and have the best things in a group but in that pursuit some of us make dumb decisions which makes us a slave to the corporate world.

Make Your Future Self’s Life Easier

Photo by Ryan Snaadt on Unsplash

The first rule of self-improvement is make your future self’s life easier and taking an EMI to buy anything is just defying that purpose. When you take a Loan and an EMI to get something you’re just stealing your future self’s money and making his life harder.

And you make that decision because you’re driven by ego. But if you accept the fact that if you can’t buy anything as a whole, you don’t deserve that. If you are unable to buy a bike, an iPhone, an iMac or iPad with only 1 payment then you’re just unable to buy it.

And that is a good thing because if you don’t have the capacity to buy it now it means you need to work harder to acquire the resources and money to acquire that product.

I don’t think buying an iPhone or a new Lambourghini is bad. What’s bad is buying that with an EMI or a Loan because you’re just stealing your future self’s money and when you become your future self, you will have no money and that will make your life hard.

The thing is most of us know what is the right thing to do with our money but we just don’t listen to our rational side and listen to our ego before buying something and the one’s who do that get trapped in the Rat Trap.

You’re free even in the corporate job until and unless you don’t have a loan and EMI. 100% of the times they are a bad decision and there are no exceptions. If you can’t buy anything right now, it means you’re not worthy of it right now and you need to work even harder to get that thing.



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