Read These Books Recommended by Andrew Huberman to Make 2023 The Best Year of Your Life

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If you are into the self-improvement space, you might have heard of Andrew Huberman. If you haven’t, let me give you an introduction.

Andrew D. Huberman is a scientist who studies the brain and how it works. He works at a school called Stanford University and teaches other people about the brain. He teaches about how the brain grows, changes and can be fixed when it gets hurt.

Basically, he is a brain scientist and in 2021 he started podcasting. Sharing his knowledge and research with the world for free and in less than 2 years he has amassed 2.88M subscribers on YouTube and that too having all videos longer than 1 hour.

So, Anyone who claimed that you need to make shorts, reels etc because people’s attention span is going down. Got slapped by this performance of Andrew and he became a well-known source of knowledge for many on the internet.

Although he hasn’t written any book, he has suggested many and in this post, we will be discussing a few books that he suggested and why he suggested them. So, let’s get started.

1. The Secret Pulse of Time

Andrew says that the book “The Secret Pulse of Time” changed his thinking a lot. It helped him understand why time goes by quickly when you’re having fun, why it goes by slowly when you’re waiting, and how to make more time for yourself.

The book can help us make the most of our time because once time is gone, we can’t get it back. It’s like a guide on how to use your time well.

2. Trauma: The Invisible Epidemic

Paul Conti wrote a book that helps you understand how trauma can make people sick, even if you can’t see it. He explains what trauma is and the different types of it.

He also talks about how doctors and nurses sometimes don’t understand trauma very well and just give people medicine to make them feel better instead of finding out what’s really wrong.

The book also talks about how to get over trauma and how special medicines called psychedelics might help in the future.

3. Finding Ultra

Rich Roll changed his life when he was 40. He was overweight, but he started eating healthy food, exercising every day and started changing the way he thought about things.

He became an exceptional runner who can run miles. He believes in eating food that comes from plants and he talks about it a lot on his podcast.

In his book, Rich talks about how he used to have a problem with addiction and being overweight. He talks about how he became a runner, but the book is not just about running, it’s about how he changed his whole life.

He wants people to know that they can change too and that they have a lot of potential they don’t know about.

4. Altered Traits

“Altered Traits” is a book that looks at scientific facts and studies about meditation. It is written by two very smart people, Goldman and Davidson, who are masters of this topic.

They have written many other things, even for the New York Times. They have taken all the research about meditation and put it together in a way that helps you understand how to use it to make your brain better. They show you how to change your brain in a good way.

5. Dopamine Nation

“Dopamine Nation” is a book that talks about how we use our phones and devices too much. It talks about how we are connected to our devices all the time, but not connected to ourselves, the people around us, and the real world.

It talks about how we use too many things to get dopamine from our brain. It talks about how we use things like food, gambling, alcohol, shopping, drugs, social media, and more to get these happy feelings.

The book talks about how these things can be bad for us because we can get too much of them, and that can be harmful.

6. How Emotions Are Made

“How Emotions Are Made” talks about how and why we feel different things. It’s written by Lisa Feldman Barrett and it talks about how emotions work in our brains.

It talks about how emotions can make us feel automatic, and how they can affect our health. The book also talks about how emotions are not something we are born with, but something we learn from the people around us and the language we speak.

Some people have said that the book doesn’t talk about how our senses can make us feel different things, and it challenges the way people used to think about emotions.

7. The Molecule of More

“The Molecule of More” talks about a chemical in our brain that makes us want more things. It says that this chemical makes us want love, sex and creative things.

The book explains how when we want something, it makes our brain feel good and gives us a special feeling called dopamine. It talks about the connection between wanting something and having something and how it relates to this chemical in our brain.

8. The Circadian Code

The Circadian Code talks about how four things can affect your health. It says that going to bed at the right time, eating at the right time, doing physical activity during the day and being exposed to light at the right time is important.

By reading the book, you can learn more about how your body’s internal clock works and how it affects your health.

9. Wherever You Go, There You Are

Wherever You Go, There You Are is a book that teaches you how to be more aware of the present moment and to be mindful.

The author, Jon Kabat-Zinn, says that sometimes people think that things will be better in the future, but they’re not always right.

He believes that the best way to be happy is to find peace and contentment within ourselves. He suggests that meditation is a good way to do this.

10. The Road To Character

The Road to Character, written by David Brooks, delves into the concept of “résumé virtues” and “eulogy virtues.”

The former refers to external accomplishments and achievements, while the latter refers to inner qualities that define one’s character.

Through examples of historical figures and leaders, the author encourages readers to reflect on their own journey and the role that building their character and eulogy virtues play in it.



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