Monk Mode: The Cure To Your Procrastination

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Are you tired of constantly putting things off? Do you find yourself procrastinating on important tasks, only to feel overwhelmed and stressed when they’re due? If so, you’re not alone. Procrastination is a common problem that affects many people, but there’s a solution: “Monk Mode.”

Monk Mode is a term that refers to a way of approaching your work that mimics the discipline and focus of a monk. It’s a simple concept, but it can be extremely effective in helping you overcome procrastination. The basic idea is to remove all distractions and focus solely on the task at hand for a set period of time.

And here is a step-by-step approach to getting into Monk Mode and achieving all your goals.

1. Remember To Do The Hardwork Especially When You Don’t Feel Like It

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You know most of the time you’ll never feel like working. You won’t want to get out of your bed and take action and that is why you need to remind yourself to do the hard work especially when you don’t feel like it.

Why you need to do this because it builds resilience. It builds discipline. You disregard your emotions. You disregard your feeling of not wanting to work and listen to your rational head which knows that you should be working.

What this means is that you’ll have no more pending assignments, notes or projects. It means that every day you’ll work towards the goal you have set for yourself irrespective of what you’re feeling.

2. Remove All Distractions

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The second and most important step is to remove all distractions. The biggest reason most people don’t achieve their goals is because of a 6-inch box in their pockets which they keep reaching out again and again.

A small box consumes 6 to 8 hours of their day which they could have used to create something productive. Something valuable. Create a dream life that they want to live.

Your dream life begins with you turning off the notifications from your phone, deleting Social Media and turning your phone black and white. This will free up 6 to 8 hours of your day where you can take action and improve your life the way you want to.

3. Set Your Non-Negotiables

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Non-Negotiables are the activities that you’re going to do every day without fail. Decide on 3–4 activities and make them your non-negotiables.

These activities can range from Working Out in the Gym to Sending Cold Emails. But be sure to add only those activities which move the lever. These should be activities which take you in the direction you want to go.

And the reason you should choose only 3–4 activities is that the more pressure you create on yourself for doing something every day. The faster you’ll reach burnout. And burnout is the worst thing that can happen to you doing a Monk Mode period.

4. Set Negotiables

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Now there might be even more things that you want to do considering you’re as over-ambitious as me. That’s why create negotiables. Negotiables are the activities that you do every day but there is no pressure on you to keep doing them.

These are the activities that you should be okay with missing a day or two. And setting negotiables will allow you to do more things, and explore more ideas and hobbies while preventing burnout.

5. Set An Output Goal

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Your output goal is going to be a measurement of how effective your Monk Mode is going. Your output goal is the amount of output you’ll give out during your Monk Mode period.

For example, My output goal is to create 2 YouTube videos every week and write 1 post every day on LinkedIn. And this output goal is helping me evaluate if I’m moving in the right direction.

You can create your own output goal. But I’ll suggest going for a number that is challenging and at the same is achievable. Which will make sure that you’re pushing past your limits but in a healthy way.

In conclusion, Monk Mode is a powerful tool for overcoming procrastination and becoming more productive. By setting aside dedicated time each day to work on your most important tasks, and eliminating distractions, you can achieve your goals and make real progress in your life. So, are you ready to put your head down and enter into Monk Mode? Start taking action today, and you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish!



100k+ on Instagram. I write about Reading, Self-Improvement, and Copywriting. For writing gigs, reach out to

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Shubham Jena

100k+ on Instagram. I write about Reading, Self-Improvement, and Copywriting. For writing gigs, reach out to