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Shubham Jena
3 min readNov 8, 2022


Everyone has an author that they admire. They admire their ideas, their way of storytelling and all the articles and books they have written. And they someday want to learn to write like them in the future. For me, that person is Mark Manson.

But you don’t need to wait for someday because I’m gonna teach you “How To Write Like Your Favorite Author Step-by-Step.” Taking the example of Mark Manson.

STEP 1 — Copywork

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Copywork is an exercise where you take an article, a copy or a whole book and re-write the whole article or copy or book with your own hands. The exercise is done in order to understand the writing and persuasion style of the author.

And for our case, we are going to pick up articles by Mark Manson because re-writing his book would be too much of a hassle. That’s why I’ll be writing his article to understand Mark Manson’s style of writing.

STEP 2 — Record What You Learn

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Create a Notion Doc and track what you learnt about the writing style of the author you’re trying to copy. Every day, write about at least 3 things you noticed about the writers writing style while doing Copywork.

And after a period of time, you’ll have a document of all the writing instruments and techniques your favourite author uses to write his pieces.

STEP 3 — Output Challenge

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Now after you have done the exercise for a week or two. Write 3 articles on your own using your favourite author's writing style.

The point of this step is to actually use what you have learnt while doing copy work in real life and see how your audience responds to it.

A Few Thoughts on Copywork

Now, We all know copying someone is not good. But when you are starting out. Copying someone else’s writing style is the best thing to do. And as you keep growing in your career.

You can start copying other authors' styles too. And when you copy 10–20 of your favourite authors you’ll magically develop your own style of writing.

To become original, you need to copy.



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