How To Get Rich on Steroids

I’m 21 years old as of writing this article. And I was 17 when I was first introduced to the Internet. And just like any other teenager I wanted to be rich. And my first search on YouTube was “How To Get Rich” and back then I was bombarded with videos that looked like this.

And believe me, I took action on some of the videos and nothing seemed to work for me. And I thought, I just wasn't meant to be rich. Maybe I was meant to be broke my whole life.

And I guess if you’re reading this article. I can tell that you might have searched for “How to Get Rich?” more than once. But you could never find any reliable and trustworthy source that also made sense to you.

And that’s why I bought together a list of trustworthy and legit resources and not get rich easy schemes.

So, Let’s get started with the list:

1. How To Get Rich Without Getting Lucky by Naval Ravikant

Of course, if I don’t include this here this list won’t make sense to anyone.

But believe me, I have some resources that you might have never heard of.

2. Learn to become a Millionaire in 55 mins by Alex Hormozi

What if I take 55 mins of your life and you get the frameworks and tactical tips to becoming rich. Would you do that?

Of course, you would. But believe me, not many people can sit down and watch a long video on YouTube. They’d rather scroll on Instagram. Don’t be like them and invest 55 mins in this video.

3. How To Make Money in a Boring Industry by Contrarian Thinking

You might have thought to become a millionaire or a billionaire you need to make a startup in AI Industry or Jump on the NFT or Web3 bandwagon.

But you don’t need to.

You can get pretty rich with just simple businesses like lawnmowing and vending machines business. Don’t believe me? Read this then:

4. How To Make Wealth by Paul Graham

Would you read an unbelievably long and unsexy-looking article that only has pure value and no images?

I would. And if you would too. Then dive into this article by Paul Graham and learn How to Make Wealth. Not money.

5. Step-by-step roadmap to building wealth by Nathan Barry

If you don’t know who Nathan is, here’s a small introduction to him. If you are a creator you might have heard of email marketing. And if you go and search for email marketing tools.

You’ll find that Convertkit is a market leader in the email marketing industry. And YES! You thought right. Nathan is the founder and CEO of Convertkit. Helping thousands of creators make a living through it.

And there can be no better person to teach you How To Build Wealth in a systematic manner. So, I highly recommend you read this article by him.

And that’s a wrap guys. I have some more resources. So, If you loved this article. Send me a “HI” via email and I’ll share the others with you too.

And here’s my email address:




80k+ on Instagram. I write about Reading, Self-Improvement, and Copywriting.

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Shubham Jena

Shubham Jena

80k+ on Instagram. I write about Reading, Self-Improvement, and Copywriting.

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