fHow To Actually Practice Self-Love

No, it’s not by pampering yourself.

If you really want to express love for yourself then you are at the right place. Because I won’t tell you to light candles or buy yourself a choclate?

I will teach you the right way to practice self-love. Which can be summarized in one word: Delayed Gratification.

Imagine yourself being born everyday. It means everyday you live a completely new life. And the person you are today is not the same person you will be tomorrow.

And the person you are today and the person you will become in 6 months will be completely different from what you are today.

So, If you start practicing Delayed Gratification activities like:

  • Exercising

You will become a completely different person in the next 6 months. And after you become that person. You’ll feel great amount of love and gratitude for the person today.

It means your version 6 months later will have love and gratitude for you only if you engage in Delayed Gratification activities today!

I know it sounds kind of weird but it will make sense if you just follow this advice and become the 6 months later version.

Only once you become the 6 months later version you will be able to realise what I am talking about in this article is true.

And anyone who says you to light candles or eat favorite choclate to express self-love they are wrong.

Because if you eat choclates everyday you’re taking away from you future self who really wanted a healthy body. It means that he won’t look back at you with pride and gratitude. Which completely destroys the self-love you could have received from your future self.

So, Remember that Delayed Gratification is the name of the game.



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Shubham Jena

80k+ on Instagram. I write about Reading, Self-Improvement, and Copywriting.