How I Read 100 Books in 2021? Step by Step Process to Read More Books

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First of all, remember that it doesn’t matter how many books you read but how many you actually apply to your life.

Without application, books are a waste of your time.

So, Let’s begin

Step 1: Morning Reading

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Morning is my favorite time to read. Do you know why? No distractions and my mind is completely fresh.

So, As soon as I wake up. I pick up a book lying next to me and will start reading it. I’ll read for about 30–40 mins in the morning.

Step 2: Time Block

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If you’re that person who says that you don’t have time to read. Try time blocking your reading.

Select a block of time. Probably an hour or half an hour. Make it a time when you will only do one task and that is reading.

For me, It’s generally around 1 PM. When I complete most of my tasks on my routine. Then, I read furiously for an hour or two. Depending on when I have to cook my food.

Step 3: Read before you Sleep

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As soon as I finish my Journaling, I grab a book and start reading it. I generally read about 20–30 mins before I go to sleep.

So, It’s time to show you the calculations.

Assuming an average book is around 250 pages long. So, to complete 100 books I need to read 25,000 pages a year.

I read around 20 pages in the Morning, 40 pages in my schedule reading block, and 10 pages before I sleep.

So, that means I read 70 pages a day. So, I read 70X365=25,550 pages a year.

This system that I made for Reading makes it so so much easier for me to read 100 books every year. You can easily copy this model, play around and create your own reading schedule.

But, I’d never recommend you to aim for a large number of books. Reading and taking action on the advice should go hand in hand.



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