Body Shaming Was Actually Good and Body Positivity is Actually Toxic

Now before the gen z chops off my head for saying this. I don’t consider anyone who is fat, overweight or chubby attractive. And neither does the person who actually is fat feels good about themselves.

And that is the reason, the Body Positivity movement was created. To make people who feel bad for being overweight feel good. Which sounds like a very noble thing to do. Until you realise every feeling serves a purpose.

And you not feeling good about the way your body looks is actually a sign that you need to change that. It’s a sign that you should allow yourself to grow by changing the thing that you don’t like.

But someone else giving you validation. Saying things like:

“It’s okay to be fat”

“You can be healthy and still be overweight”, and

“Everyone is attractive regardless of the way they look”.

Makes you feel okay to be fat and you get rid of the bad feeling which was necessary for you to change.

Why is the movement backwards?

I feel as if the body positivity movement is backward. It promotes an unhealthy body as a healthy body, promotes unhealthy food habits, and gives validation to people who are fat and force them to stay fat.

But in reality, we know what a healthy body looks like and how to achieve that. But we don’t do it? Do you know why? Our habits are fucked up. We crave junk food every day as it shoots up our dopamine receptors which makes us feel good. We can say that Junk Food is like the new age drugs.

And that is not even our fault. Our mental health is fucked up which makes us crave even more junk food and makes us feel good as junk foods are drugs in disguise and eventually when we finally start gaining fat as a result of consuming these drugs. So, what is the solution?

The Real Body Positivity

Wanna know what real Body Positivity looks like?

Real Body Positivity means accepting your flaws.

Real Body Positivity is Accepting that you have bad habits that need to be fixed.

Real Body Positivity is changing the way you view yourself by actually making a change in the things you do.

Real Body Positivity is hitting the gym, meditating and eating healthy.

Real Body Positivity is ignoring the media that propagates the false message that staying fat is Okay.

Real Body Positivity is going from Fat to Fit.



100k+ on Instagram. I write about Reading, Self-Improvement, and Copywriting. For writing gigs, reach out to

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Shubham Jena

100k+ on Instagram. I write about Reading, Self-Improvement, and Copywriting. For writing gigs, reach out to