A Beginner’s Guide To Copywriting

Everyone knows that one needs to practice like a maniac to learn any skill that they want to learn. Practice is the core at learning anything and the same goes for copywriting.

You can learn from the best courses or books out there. But If you don’t practice all that knowledge will go to waste.

So, Here’s a beginner’s guide to Copywriting:

STEP 1: Read

Books include a wealth of information on copywriting.

I’d limit myself to reading no more than five. Once you’ve reached that amount, you should start practising on a daily basis.

Below is a list of all my favorite copywriting books, choose 5 books among these list:

  • Made to Stick
  • Cashvertising
  • Dotcom Secrets
  • The Boron Letters
  • Scientific Advertising
  • Ogilvy on Advertising
  • The Ultimate Sales Letter
  • Breakthrough Copywriting
  • The Robert Collier Letter Book
  • The Adweek Copywriting Handbook
  • How to Win Friends and Influence People

STEP 2: Courses

In my opinion, Courses helped me more than books did. Because, During watching courses, I was practising along side with them.

And this lead to tremendous growth in learning Copywriting for me.

Here is a list of free courses that you must do:

  1. 6 Figure Promotions
  2. Kopywriting Kourse
  3. Content Marketing by Coursera

STEP 3: Free Resourses

If you’re broke and don’t have a single penny that you can spend on learning copywriting.

Here is an article where I outlined all the free resources you can use to learn copywriting:

Also there are a lot of free resources that I will be sharing with you in the future.

STEP 4: Swipe File


It’s well-known for being a copywriter’s dream.

It has thousands of advertisements dating back over a century. You can learn from these advertisements and use what you’ve learned to your own work.

STEP 5: Take Notes

You recall things better when you write them down. You can come back later to refresh your memory by taking notes on everything you read.

This will only benefit you in the long run.

Whatever you need to do, type it up, write it down, or snap pictures of it, just do it!

STEP 6: Study

Start to pay attention more to the ads that are already around you.

Commercials, websites, Twitter bios, pop-ups, and so much more.

Who are they targeting?

Why did they use that language?

Does the headline grab your attention?

Did they use those colors on purpose?

Pay attention and find the answers to these questions. Become curios about all the ads around you.

STEP 7: Practice

You should use what you’ve learned on a daily basis.

Copywriting can be used in a variety of situations, including school papers, professional documents, discussions, and social media posts.

It can be used anywhere!

You should also spend some time practising writing copy directly as well.

Remember even if you everything right until STEP 6, You’d still be an average copywriter. You’ll only become good with STEP 7.




80k+ on Instagram. I write about Reading, Self-Improvement, and Copywriting.

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Shubham Jena

Shubham Jena

80k+ on Instagram. I write about Reading, Self-Improvement, and Copywriting.

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