5 Lessons You Need To Before You Enter 2023

2022 was not a great year for me but it taught me a lot of lessons that I’m looking forward to applying in 2023 and I think they would also serve you if you implement them in your life. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

1. Your Success is Inversely Proportional To Time You Spend on Your Phone

Technology is a double-edged sword. It depends on the user, and how he uses it. The user can use technology to win in life, consume self-improvement content, make money, or build a business or they can use it to spend mindless hours on Instagram and TikTok, watch Porn and waste time, send memes to their friends or watch Netflix series they are going to forget in a week.

The sword is in your hand. Whether you use it to slay your enemy or commit suicide depends on you.

2. Stop Being a Consumer

Most of the poor people in the world have one thing in common. They are a consumer. They consume food from someone making them rich, they consume someone else’s content making them rich, they watch shows created by someone else making them rich.

There is nothing wrong with consuming content. But what’s wrong is not creating anything from the infinite content consumption that you do.

And it’s also a harsh truth that you won’t get rich being a consumer. You need to create something of value.

3. Nobody Cares About You, They Only Care About What You Can Do For Them

If your mother is shot and she’s in a life or death situation, you don’t care if the doctor is a good person or not, have they achieved enough in life or not. You only care if the doctor has enough surgery experience to save your mother.

That’s how most people are. Their mom is shot and needs to go through surgery. Can you perform it? If yes, then you’re welcomed, demanded, respected and loved. If you can’t, then it doesn’t matter if you are a good person or not. You’ll be thrown away.

And to be honest, it isn’t a bad thing, it forces you to make yourself valuable to others which in turn increases your demand and you always look to create win-win scenarios with others which doesn’t seem like a bad deal to me.

4. What Your Life Will Look Like If Live The Way You’re Living

Take a notebook. Write down what would your life look like if you kept doing the things you’re doing right now. If you’re currently eating Doritos, ask yourself what you will look like in 5 years if you keep eating Doritos every day.

Your answer might offend you a bit. And it is a good thing. It means that you need to improve. Negative emotions like anger, regret and guilt are not bad at all. They are an indicator of what is wrong with the things that you’re doing and that you need to improve.

5. Reading Won’t Make You Successful

You have been bombarded with messages like, “An average CEO reads 52 books a year” or “Warren Buffett read 500 pages everyday”. Which make you think that Reading books will make you successful.

That’s why you’ll see lot of views, comments and likes on book recommendation posts. But you need to know that. No book can help you combat your procrastination of taking action.

The truth is you know that taking action is more important than reading books. But you read more and implement less, because it feels like you’re being productive without actually being productive.

So, That’s it. These are the 5 big lessons that I will be taking with me to 2023. Do let me know which of these lessons seemed like a punch on your face?



100k+ on Instagram. I write about Reading, Self-Improvement, and Copywriting. For writing gigs, reach out to shubhamjena0501@gmail.com.

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Shubham Jena

100k+ on Instagram. I write about Reading, Self-Improvement, and Copywriting. For writing gigs, reach out to shubhamjena0501@gmail.com.