5 Lessons I Wish Someone Told Me Earlier

There are so many lessons in our life that we feel like why nobody told us this before. And this article is the same. In this article, I will be sharing 5 Lessons I Wish Someone Told Me Earlier and I am going to be that someone who told you these lessons earlier. See what I did there?

1. Have an Abundance Mindset

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Most of the time we make our decisions from a point of scarcity.

“I can’t leave my job because I won’t find another good job in the future.”

“I won’t ever fall in love again because I can’t find another girl like her.”

These are some of the things people with scarcity mindset talk about. They think that they don’t have options and live a mediocre life because of it.

Whereas people who have abundance mindset know that there is more out there where the current thing came from. There are more jobs out there who would love to have me. There are more girls out there who would love me for who I am and this results in them being detached.

Now, Detachment is considered a bad thing by our society but in reality detachment from anything gives us the actualy opportunity to actually enjoy it.

Just know that your best life is ahead of you, not behind you.

2. You’re Not That Great

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Anytime we have an achievement we think highly of ourselves. We think that we fucking deserved it because of our hardwork but in reality it stops us from growing.

Everytime we think that we have become great it takes away from our potential to be the greatest.

So, Celebrate your past successes but never let that get to your head. Because the moment you do, you’re letting go of future success opportunities.

3. It’s Okay To Have a Different Career Path

Some people dropped out from college and are not successful billionaires.

Some people never took a coding class in college but are now working in Google as a full-time coder.

Some people left their job to start a YouTube Channel and are now successful YouTubers.

The things is not everyone’s career path is gonna look similar and we should appreciate that we don’t know where we are heading but we all know that we are all gonna make it.

4. Live Like a Pauper

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Whenever I got some money with me all my mind thought about is how I can spend it. I know this is a recurring theme in everyone’s life. They spend more than then they earn.

And this is something called as Lifestyle Inflation.

So, Here’s an advice that helped me save and invest money like crazy. And when I talk about investing, I’m not talking about investing in Stocks.

Live like a pauper and live on 50% of the money that you earn.

Whenever I receive my money I automatically transfer 50% of it to another bank account where I don’t have any access to it. And I spend my month with only the remaining 50% and the best part is I actually manage to.

Your lifestyle always expands to meet the amount of money you have. If you have less money, you’re gonna spend less. If you have more, you’re gonna spend more.

5. Delay Gratification

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You live a new life every fucking day. Every day you’re a completely new person. So, Who you were 5 months ago is not the person you are right now. Who you are going to be in the next 6 months is completely upto you.

So, Delay Gratification as much as you can.

Gratification is just another term for fun. Delaying Gratification simply means delaying fun. What it means that don’t eat that donut today, don’t go to the club today, don’t eat the cookie today. Because your future self genuinly wanted a six-pack abs.

And you munching on snacks and spending your money on useless things is taking away from the life your future self could have had.

So, Whenever making a decision. Just ask yourself: “Is my future self going to benefit from it?”. If the answer is a “NO”. Don’t do it. You’re only gonna regret this decision in the future.



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