3 Reading Principles I Learned After Reading 300+ Books

Shubham Jena
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I have been reading books for more than 5 years now and to be honest, it didn’t change me for the first 2 years because of a significant principle that I never used.

But after implementing these 3 principles in my life. I was able to grow my book blog to 100k and land my first job through it.

So, Here are the 3 reading principles that I follow that have changed my life and might change yours too.

1. Action. Action. Action

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The first and the most obvious principle. Take Action. But you’ll be amazed by how many people skip this.

When you read books about achieving a goal, it secretes dopamine similar to when you’d actually achieve a goal.

So, Read but focus more on taking action on the lessons from the book. Take at least one lesson from the book you’re currently reading and apply it to your life.

You’ll have more lessons that you can actually apply in your life. This brings us to our next principle.

2. Read Less

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Read Less. The truth is if you shift your focus from Reading to Doing. You’ll automatically not have the time to read more books.

And most people might think of this as a problem. But if you don’t have time to read is a good thing.

Read less. Read Quality. Read to take Action.

3. Read Anything That You Are Genuinely Curious About

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Read whatever you’re curious about. You read this article because you were curious about what might be the 3 principles.

So, Follow your curiosity in reading too. Is there a book that you think might help you? And you’re curious to learn about it.

But one of your friends said that the book is not good. Read that book anyway. What’s interesting to you might not be interesting to the other person too.

So, Follow your genuine curiosity and read books you want to read not what others think you should be reading.



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