3 Lessons I Learned After Making 100 Videos on YouTube

I recently crossed the mark of 100 video uploads on YouTube. And in that journey, I learned a few lessons which I think would be valuable for you too.

1. The First Video is the Hardest

My first video was my worst video. I was so much timid, shy, and nervous. It was just a video that I made because I was super motivated to start a YouTube channel.

I read somewhere that the biggest friction to starting anything is just starting it. Starting a youtube channel is the difficult part. Once you start, things just keep getting easier.

And once you get into the momentum of creating your first few videos. Things just get a lot easier for you.

2. Confidence = Competence

In my first video, you can clearly see that I was shy from the way I was speaking.

Fast forward 100 videos later. You could clearly see that I talk with a lot more confidence.

And here’s one critical lesson for you. Confidence in anything will only come from being competent at it. Through practice and repeated video creation, especially when you’re bad at it. I became competent with my video creation skills. Which in turn led to me being more confident in front of the camera.

So, If anyone told you to fake it till you make it or shout louder and you’ll become more confident. Then, that person is lying to you. You can never build confidence without competence.

3. Measure success by the things you can do

As of now. I measure my success by how many videos I’m able to make. I think crossing the 100 video mark is much better than crossing the 1500 subscribers mark.

Do you know why?

Because it’s in my control. I can control the outcome of how many videos I make. But I can never control the outcome of how many subscribers I can get.

Maybe in the future, I’ll find a way to get as many subscribers as I want but right now I focusing on the work and forgetting the outcome.

And maybe that is a good thing. By focusing on the process, I’ll reach my outcome someday.




40k+ on Instagram. I write about Reading, Self-Improvement, and Copywriting.

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Shubham Jena

Shubham Jena

40k+ on Instagram. I write about Reading, Self-Improvement, and Copywriting.

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